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Journalism Development Network, JDN Inc – Subaward Specialist and Member Center Assistant – Udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira

Location: Sarajevo, BiH
Application deadline: January 15, 2023

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is a growing, global nonprofit media organization that is reinventing investigative journalism for the public good. By developing and equipping a global network of investigative journalists and publishing their stories, we expose crime and corruption so the public can hold power to account. We see a future where organized crime and corruption are drastically reduced and democracy is strengthened. Our global team includes editors, researchers, data engineers, security specialists, administrators, technologists, and strategists, each with areas of in-depth expertise.

Position overview

OCCRP is seeking an experienced Subaward Specialist to provide support to program managers in administering subawards to partners as part of our grant award funding. This position will play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, effective management, and seamless execution of sub-awards in alignment with OCCRP’s ‘Forwarding of Funds and Sub-Grant Management Policy’. The role involves overseeing the entire lifecycle of sub-awards, from identification and selection to monitoring, compliance, and reporting. This position will also provide essential support to the Member Center Coordinator in expanding the network, maintaining communication with member centers, and facilitating collaborative initiatives.

Sub-award support 

OCCRP Policies: Fully comprehend and stay updated with OCCRP’s ‘Forwarding of Funds and Sub-Grant Management Policy’ to guide sub-awardees and internal stakeholders effectively.

  • Sub-Awardee Identification and Pre-Award Surveys: Identify the appropriate type of award for potential sub-awardees and conduct pre-award surveys with potential sub-awardees to assess their eligibility and capacity, and gather necessary paperwork in adherence to organizational standards.
  • Award and Budget Drafting: Collaborate with relevant departments and sub-awardees to draft comprehensive awards, budgets, and sub-award templates for accurate financial reporting.
  • Contract Coordination and Follow-Up: Coordinate the signing of contracts between OCCRP and sub-awardees. Regularly follow up with sub-awardees to ensure timely compliance with reporting requirements.
  • Compliance Assistance: Assist sub-awardees in understanding and meeting compliance obligations, providing guidance and support throughout the process.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor reporting deadlines closely and facilitate the preparation of financial reports and advance payment requests. Ensure accuracy and timeliness in submissions.
  • Document Updates and Policy Compliance: Maintain regular updates to documents in accordance with the prescribed standards outlined in the OCCRP/JDN policies.

Member Center Support 

  • Network Expansion and Administration: Aid the Member Center Coordinator in expanding the network by maintaining systems, drafting agreements, and updating the OCCRP website with new network partners.
  • Communication and Feedback Collection: Maintain regular communication with member centers, collect their needs and feedback, and ensure their concerns are conveyed to relevant stakeholders.
  • SLAPP Lawsuit Tracking: Track SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuits across the OCCRP network to provide timely updates and support in addressing legal challenges.
  • Member Center Directors Meeting: Assist in the planning and coordination of Member Center Directors meetings to facilitate collaboration, idea exchange, and strategic planning among network partners.

Desired Qualifications

  • Either BiH citizenship or the right to reside and work in BiH.
  • B.A. degree required, preferably in finance, economics or other related field.
  • At least 3 years’ work experience (relevant sector, e.g. international organization, NGO or other).
  • Experience working with an international organization and engaging with a diverse group of grantees and stakeholders.
  • Good oral English Language skills and ability to communicate effectively using written English.
  • Strong experience using Google Suite (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc), Microsoft Office applications, and ability to learn other applications as needed.

Skills and competencies:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Compliance mindset.
  • Strong computer literacy and excel skills.
  • Financial literacy, experience working with budgets.
  • Patience and ability to work across cultures and non-native english speakers.
  • Prepared to work outside hours when necessary to meet timezone needs.

How to Apply?
To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to All applications must be submitted in English. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Whilst we have internal goals to reply to unsuccessful candidates, we regret that the high number of applicants greatly exceeds our capacity to respond to each person. We apologize that we will not be able to reply to any unsuccessful applicants. As an equal opportunity employer, OCCRP values having a diverse workforce and continuously strives to maintain an inclusive and equitable workplace. We encourage people with a diverse range of backgrounds to apply. We do not discriminate against any person based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex, medical conditions, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristics. If you are a qualified applicant requiring assistance or an accommodation to complete any step of the application process, please contact

Lokacija: Sarajevo (Rad iz firme)

Broj izvršilaca: 1

Datum objave: 20.12.2023.

Trajanje oglasa: 26 dana (ističe 15.01.2024.)


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